Societal Development

Towards Society
As National Channel Coordinator, for DTH Channel No 10 ,National DAKSH channel , I am instrumental in producing DTH programmes which is telecast on Educational Channel on all areas of Applied Sciences thereby contributing to education for the masses in all nooks and corners of India and thereby making education accessible to all! As Director, EMRC, Chennai contributed to production of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and thus contributing significantly to Digital India.

I have developed E-Content on COVID- Documentaries for the awareness of the public and the importance of vaccination to prevent and combat COVID.

As a DBT nominee, I serve as External expert for various industries, Insitutions in the Biosafety Committee ensuring proper disposal of Biohazardous waste and monitoring genetically manipulated organisms thereby ensuring safety and ethical guidelines in society.

Initiated and founded “BIORAKSHA” a student community to sensitise the students towards the environment and encouraging them to keep environment clean, plant trees, educate them on use of plastics and involve them in green intiatives thus inculating in younger generation the purpose and passion to cherish and protect nature .

I am member of the core committee for “Sudharma" which is a registered NGO and we adopt corporation Schools and facilitate the schools towards better teaching and learning methods and improve and inculcate interest in the students by various seminars and motivational speeches and also encourage students to perform well and also help the school and students with various aids.

Have participated in various half marathon for cancer awareness including the Terry Fox run.

Towards Student Community
Apart from teaching and Research, I have keen interest in helping students who are slow learners and who have language difficulties and students with cultural differences. I have helped secure admissions in Universities abroad and have placed several research scholars in well established Institutions in India and Abroad .

I initiated an annual conference in Anna university at the Center for Biotechnology for post graduate students called Avidadham and mentor them to organise the conference in different themes every year so that they learn latest developments and also to be independent and understand various aspects of science and management along with finance.

I have given talks In Doordarshan on social awareness about Stem cell therapy and related topics.
I have also given my thoughts on National Education policy on Radio Focus group discussions about Science and Technology Innovation policy in Anna FM Radio.