Institute For Medical Microbiology and Hygiene, Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, GERMANY

Oct 1998-Feb 2001

Regional Environment Division, National Institute for Environmental Studies, Tsukuba, JAPAN

Aug 2002-July2004

Free Radical Research Center, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Aug 2004-Aug2009

Cardiovascular Research Center, Medical College of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

Core Competencies

• Comprehensive and in-depth knowledge in vascular biology, Redox Biology, cardiovascular and stem cell biology. Developed techniques to isolate beating cardiomyocytes from rat pups and mastered isolation of stem cells from Umblical Cord, Bone marrow and cardiac explants.

• Developed a CAM model to study angiogenesis and has developed Hypoxia models to study various therapeutic targets.

• Discovered the anti-apoptotic property of EETS, leading to the development of possible drugs for myocardial Ischemia.


Number of Ph.D Scholars Guided

: 8

Number of Ph.D Scholars Guiding

: 6

Number of M.S (By Research) Scholars Guided

: 7

Number of M.Tech Projects guided

: 31

Number of B.Tech. Projects Guided

: 46

Number of Post Doctoral Fellows

: 4

CTDT Projects Guided

: 4


• Completed Certificate course on Embryonic Stem cells isolation and characterization in the lab of Dr James Thompson who was the pioneer in isolating embryonic stem cells at the University of Wisconsin at Madison in Association with Wicell, USA

• Worked on how Fluoride causes cell death at National Institute for Environmental Studies in Tsukuba, Japan.

• Worked in Department of Medicine and Physiology, Medical College of Wisconsin – USA In Diabetic cardiomyopathy using an induced pluripotent stem cells.

• Trained in the study of “Epigenetic Modifiers mediated targeting of microRNA in Human aortic endothelial cells at KU Cardiovascular Research Institute-The University of Kansas-USA.

• Were trained in details of the Stem cell differentiation protocols that we use to efficiently and reproduciably differentiation Cardiomyocytes from pluripotent cells, at Department of Cell Biology, Neurobilogy & Anatomy-Medical College of Wisconsin, USA.

• Worked in the capacity of Visiting Faculty conducted several experiments using Confocal Microscopy at Department of Radiation Oncology- Medical College of Wisconsin, USA.

• Worked on the project involved introducing glycosylation sites in nanobodies by site directed mutagenesis at Department for Molecular Biomedical Research- University of Ghent, Ghent, Belgium.

• Underwent training in Instrumentation and Molecular biology techniques in National Research Council (CNR), Italy for two months.

• Attended a workshop on Molecular Oncology conducted by Cancer Biology Division of Madurai Kamaraj University, India and had hands on training in all molecular biology techniques.

• Worked as a Post-doctoral fellow in Johannes Gutenberg University, Germany and worked on NF kappa B activation in response to acute toxins.

• Worked as a STA fellow at NIES, Japan on the gene expression of Krox-20 in response to adhesion in macrophages and apoptotic pathway in HL-60 cells on NaF exposure.

• Worked as a Post-doctoral fellow in Free radical research Center Medical College of Wisconsin –USA on the effect doxorubicin,an anticancer drug on BAEC cells and their intervention by mitochondrially targeted drugs –Mitoquinone and mitonitroxide.

• Worked as Research Associate in Pulmonary and Critical Care Division, Medical College of Wisconsin-USA on the protective role of eicosanoids in apoptosis and angiogenesis.

• Worked as a Research Associate in Department of Radiation Oncology in Medical College of Wisconsin-USA

• Training undergone in Erasmus + ICM in July 10-14 2017 at University of Edinburgh, UK.

• Attended short term course on “Tissue Engineering” in School of Biomedical Engineering IIT (BHU) Varanasi during 9th-14th Jan 2017.

• Attended Certificate Course on “Intellectual Property rights Procedures and Best Practices May 03- 06 2017 organized by Centre for Intellectual Property Rights (CIPR), Anna University and Tamil Nadu Technology Development and Promotion Centre, Chennai.

• Participated in International Conference on Molecular Signalling Jan 10th -12th 2017 Organized by Anna University, KBC Research Centre, Chennai.

• Participated in one Day awareness Program for Teaching Faculty on Internal Quality Assurance conducted on 22 March 2013 organized by Anna University, Chennai.

• Attended AICTE organized Short term training course in IITM in Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering during 6th to 10th Feb 2012.

• Attended Basic Cardiovascular Sciences 2013 Scientific Sessions, July 22-25 2013 in Las Vegas, Nevada.

• Attended Fundamentals of Nanoscience and Technology 7th -21st Dec 2011 in Crystal Growth Centre, Anna University, Chennai.

• Attended 40th Annual society of Toxicology during March 25th to 29th held in San Francisco, California.

• Attended Third International Conference on Cell Therapy for Cardiovascular Diseases held on Jan 17th -19th 2007, NewYork Academy of Medicine, NewYork.

• Participated two-day BIRAC workshop on Bio-Entrepreneurship, Grant Writing and IPR Management.

• Attended one Day Awareness course on ISO 9001:2008, Chennai.

• Participated in National Conference of Committee for the purpose of Control and Supervision of Experiments on Animals (CPCSEA).

• Participated and exhibited the “Innovations in the Technology Exhibitions” organized by CTDT, Anna University.

• Attended Experimental Biology (EB) meeting at the San Diego Convention Center San Diego.

• Attended AICTE Sponsored STTP on “Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering”.

Projects Completed

• The effects of micro-environmental stress on the regenerative activity of mesenchymal stem cells DST-UKIERI

• “Effects of 20-HETE in mediating VEGF and NO induced changes in tissues by distinct signalling mechanisms-DST.

“HR induced differentiation of CDCs cultures in polyamide scaffolds for tissue engineering” - CTDT (Centre for Technology Development and Transfer, Anna University) 2016

“Evaluation of Osteosarcoma Cancer Stem Cells under hypoxia and its Response with BAP” – CTDT 2017.

“Characterization of egg shell waste for the development of Nutraceutical & Pharmaceutical Aids” – CTDT 2019

“Mesenchymal Stem Cells loaded hybrid scaffolds for cartilage tissue regeneration in osteoarthritis” – CTDT 2019.

• In vitro differentiation of mesenchymal stem cells into epithelial cell lineage - Clues from Gene profiling analysis-BUILDER PROGRAM.

Ongoing Projects

• Centre of Excellence for Advanced Training and Research in Biomedical Applications -Tissue Engineering Osteoblasts and Human Dermal fibroblasts on PCL electrospun matrices sanctioned by MHRD.

• ICMR - In- silico, In -vitro and Ex- vivo approaches on identification of novel inhibitors and biomarkers in arecoline induced oral cancer.